Why Flood
Blok Bags?

Flood Blok sandless bags are patented with innovative polymer technology to make protecting your property super quick and easy.  NO sand, NO shovels and NO back breaking labor.  Just lay the Flood Blok bags out where you need to create a barrier and they will expand on their own when they come into contact with water...it's really just that simple.


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Our Flood bags are available in 2 sizes:

24" x 14"  


92" x 8"

Materials:  The bag exterior is made of Jute. The interior is cotton & Super absorbent polyacryate.


The filler Does NOT contaminate water. Flood Blok bags swell with a product to liquid ratio of 1:510.

How To Use Flood Blok Bags

The Dry bags weigh less than 2 lbs each and are easy to use. Simply unroll or unfold each bag and lay them end to end and stack as high as needed to help prevent water damage to any area.  When water comes in contact the bags, they will swell to approx 8-10" high and fill to hold up to 40 lbs of water.  


After water has receded, the bags will deflate automatically.  Once dry, Flood Blok bags can be folded or rolled and stored in a cool, dry place for use again.  

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